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Completely a beginner or already an expert skier?

First time ever on the snow or already with many and many years of experience?

Neither one nor the other as you have already skied a couple of times, but don't consider yourself really an expert?

Regardless your level of skiing, experience on the snow or your specific and personal goals, it is always nice to have skiing lessons because there is always something to learn and improve in our technique, there are always new slopes and mountains to explore and there is no better way of doing this, but with guidance and someone who knows the sport and the local domain.

Just a few hours a day, only in the mornings, only in the afternoons, or the maximum you can be on the snow. I am more than happy to ski with you for as many hours and days you may want. We will work together accordingly with your availability and also respecting the signs and limits of your body.

Groups, of friends, family or individual lessons, please kindly contact me specifying your desirable dates or period and we will find together the best option to meet your needs and achieve your personal interests or goals. I can also help you to organize your travel  to St. Anton by booking your accommodation, renting your skiing equipment, booking restaurants, among other related services. Please inquire for prices and further details.

At the end of the day, the most important is to have fun skiing and enjoy your holidays!


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